A project to narrate
the incredible beauty

in Brianza,
the land of handcrafted furniture

Narrating and enhancing territorial complexity

'Land of beauty' is a project that stands between promotion of the wood and furnishing sector and territorial marketing

It is not possible to talk about the companies in the Brianza wood and furniture sector without also describing the socio-cultural and natural fabric within which they were founded and developed, and it is not possible to talk about the Brianza area without celebrating its incredible beauty.

An 'artisan district', a worldwide uniqueness
of  manufacturing expertise
and craftsmanship tradition

Nature, culture, history, design, landscape, villages, craftsmanship

Everything in Brianza inspires and meets the criteria of beauty

Landscape beauty that goes hand in hand with the beauty created by man, or rather by the craftsmen living these lands.
Beauty of the villages, an international destination for the most refined tourism, and beauty of the system of self-organising relations that manage to create an extended, flexible and sustainable factory.
Beauty, indeed, of ideas and manufactured products, in brief, of the cultural beauty of this territory, the true creative humus where trends in furnishing are developed, but also where the needs of contemporary living are tackled and met in the most creative way.

We provide
operational tools
to consciously face
the markets

Special thanks to

companies collaborating with the project
Cuf Milano
Effebi Arredamenti
Enrico Pellizzoni
Laura Meroni
Lumen Center Italia
Milano Bedding
MoMa Design
Moscatelli Bruno
Pacini e Cappellini
Renzo Del Ventisette
Res Italia
Riva 1920